Retail Lighting And Heating Control Panels (Deichmann)

We have produced numerous control panels for use in the Deichmann retail outlets throughout the UK. These PLC controlled panels regulate the heating and lighting requirements of the individual stores.
The systems PLC is connected to various sensors such as:-
  • Temperature sensors - to control heating
  • PIR sensors - to control certain certain area lighting
  • Air quality sensors - to control air conditioning
  • Through traffic sensors - to count customers in and out of the store
  • Individual circuit power monitoring - to monitor heating, cooling and lighting usage

The control panel is monitored by Deichmann in Germany via an internet link, so that footfall and energy usage etc can be evaluated. The control system automatically controls the stores internal lighting and external signage - optimising the stores energy usage throughout the day. So far these control panels have been fitted in over 20 stores throughout the UK, with many more planned over the next few years. The panels are built to very exacting standards using the very best components - thus ensuring many years of trouble free operation.

  Typical Deichmann control panel.